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Important Tips To Maintain Healthy Looking Floors:

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Flooring is very important in every type of home. It gives us protection that we all need plus the added insulation against cold and heat. This is the main reason why there is a need for us to take extra good care of our floors to make sure that it will last us for a very long time. Floorings are not cheap to install to begin with so it is just right that we do our part in making sure that it is always in good condition at all times. In this article we will be discussing tips on how to properly maintain your laminate flooring and still make it look like brand new. Hopefully we would be able to provide you with helpful tips that you can also eventually share with your friends and family members.

1.)Start with the most basic and old school cleaning routine by sweeping and vacuuming our floors on a daily basis. Make sure that we get rid of any debris that may cause the floorings to get damaged such as plastic and broken glass. For those who don’t have the time to sweep all the corners of their house, you can also invest on a roomba or self cleaning vacuum cleaner to take care of your floor.

2.)For those who have wooden floors you would also need additional protection against moisture and weather changes. You can purchase and apply a good coating of decking oil Perth by simply using a paintbrush on the surface of your floor. These oils are available in clear and colored variants for you to choose from. For better wood protection apply the oil solution once every three months.

3.)Use a reputable cleaning solution that is suitable for all floor types. Simply mix the solution or cleaning agent with hot water and soak your mop for a few minutes before mopping it in a back a forth motion to ensure that all dirt and stains would be removed. If you have kids and household pets such as dogs and cats better use a non toxic surface cleaner instead just to be on the safe side. Vinyl floors are easier to clean and maintain and doing these cleaning routing a few times a week will definitely keep your flooring on tip top shape.

4.)Make sure to further protect your floor by placing doormats at the entrance of your home. Doormats would help get rid of dirt and other materials that can scrape and damage your floors in the long run. Or it would also be a good practice not to allow shoes inside your home instead place a few pairs of indoor slippers for people to use.