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The Match You Need To Know Between Your Rug And Room

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Have you ever been to a hotel luxury room and thought, woah I could just sleep on that rug or that time where your toes were so comforted by the mat in the bathroom? Well, the trick these places have used is choosing the right kind of rug for the right area to enhance not only the appearance of the place but also your experience as well. So here are some tips to help you match these two and create the right kind of experience and ambience in your rooms!

The bedroom

Generally, when it comes to selecting traditional rugs online for a bedroom, the usual material you would have to pick is something that is fluffy and comfortable to your feet. However, when it comes to the placement of this, there are 3 ways you could use. The first is basically where the entire rug spreads out to a space where the bed is placed on it and a few generousinches’pop out from the sides. But do remember that this style isn’t limited to only the placement of the bed but also other furniture like a nightstand or even a bench could be placed on this to balance out the entire look. The next style is where 2/3rd of the bed is out of the rug space (from the headboard side) and the rest is covered by it. Here although your nightstand isn’t included, a bench at the foot of the bed could be. The final one is where runners are placed on either side of the bed parallel to the nightstand or drawer you place on either side of the bed. This is ideal for all spaces and bed sizes!

The dining room

The most essential designing tip that you need to keep in mind here is that the flatweave rugs online or whatever kind you use, should match with the design of your table. So if you have circular table then the mat you use to place this on, should also be circular while a rectangular kind should be used for a table that is rectangular shaped. Also another tip that you could use here for not only beauty purpose but also for safety purpose is, placing all legs of the furniture on the mat. Usually we tend to stick to a half in half outlook when it comes to placing these furniture, however for this circumstance it would be best if you have everything in! Make sure that here as well there is extra inches of the mat popping out from the sides.

The kitchen

For a kitchen to seem long and spacious, the ideal kind of rug to use would be the runners. And this is perfect if you have a huge island or a galley. However, for a more U shaped structured kitchen, using a small mat in front of the sink and in the center would balance it out well! But do make sure that when you are choosing a rug for this space, that you consider the material first. The more durable it is, the better it would serve its purpose. So consider the above and choose the right mat for the right space!