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How To Have Fun While You Clean

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Even though we are all grown adults, or lazy college students, or one of those people stuck between adulthood and not really an adult, housework is something we don’t enjoy doing. Although we know we should be doing so, regardless of whatever. So the best way to make with it is by making it a fun and challenging thing to do. So here are some tips you could use to do so.

Work to the clock

It might seem childish, but this trick actually works pretty well. We all know how boring cleaning the place up could be, and if we could we would even chose to go with commercial cleaning North Sydney rather than making an effort to do it ourselves, even if it is only our four walled bedroom! Nonetheless, to make cleaning fun, set an alarm or race yourself against the quick ticking stopwatch. Try to complete it within the particular targeted time and award yourself with a two hours’ worth of Netflix! This could work even better if you get a friend involved!

Clean to the beat

Music makes everything better! So make your own one of a kind playlist for housework, and clean the place like a pro from upholstery cleaning Chatswood. You could also bust a few moves here and there and have fun while you tidy the place, spot clean!

Start with your fave

So there might be certain things you enjoy housework, over the others. Start off with those and work your way through. Once the initial interest is built then eventually you would be able to pick up with the rest. This way you might even finish cleaning the entire place without your knowledge in no time!

Hide a dollar

This is a tip you could use especially if you are trying to encourage your child to clean. Hide a dollar or a couple pennies they could put in to their piggy banks and ask them to find them, by cleaning their way through. This way cleaning is made fun and they also get to play a little game while they are at it!

A competition

This is another tip you could use to encourage your child to be a part of the whole cleaning process. Make this entire process in to a competition they ought to compete with their sibling for whatever reward you promised. Unknowingly they would clean the place without a speck or span!Use the above tips and make the cleaning process a fun thing to do, not only for yourself but for your kids too!