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What Are The Benefits Of Rendering A House?

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If you walk through a lane of houses, you might come across homes, which may be old, others may be new, some of them will have bricks that are exposed while the others may show some colorful renders applied onto them. You might then wonder why some properties are rendering done and some don’t? What are the advantages of rendering that is almost a prerequisite when selling a property? Do keep in mind that rendering a house well provides a great impression on the buyer.

Improve the aesthetics

The main reason why cement rendering is done on a property is to uplift the look. Adding a render to a wall which has bricks exposed or is cracked provides it with a fresh look as if it had been built new and painted. The color of the walls tends to fade over time and if the house is really old, it is not uncommon to see cracks and holes on the walls. So, adding the render can eliminate all the blemishes and give it an attractive look. Some render coats used will have self – coloring agents which will act as paint as well. Thus, you will not be required to apply an additional coat on the wall. Do note that re-rendering work is also done on a render which may be cracked or turned old.

Damp penetrating

Another reason for which damming is primarily employed is to reduce the issue of penetration of moisture through the bricks. This is especially evident in places which have moist weather, where the bricks may absorb the moisture inside the house and it can prove messy. If you add a render on the exterior of the house, the bricks are covered completely so they will not be able to intake the water. But make sure that before you go for a render coat on your damp property, consult an expert to identify if that is the best solution and if it is, also consults on the type of the render finish that is most suitable for the cause.

Thermal performance is improved

The renderers from Sydney used to uplift your property are one thing, but it is also fair if you consider providing it complete exterior insulation.The insulation is instrumental to ensure the good thermal performance of your home, that is, the temperature inside the home will not be greatly fluctuated depending on the outside. Also, improved thermal performance may put less load on your air conditioning system to cool thus, saving power indirectly.