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Guidelines In Placing Picture Frames At Home

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Once you had your amazing photo printed and you have got the right border for it, you will put the photo inside the border to see if it fits perfectly. If it does, the next thing to do is to choose the wall on where to hang it. Frames that are hung nicely in a wall can create an interesting point of attraction in every room not just for your guests but for you to enjoy and remember every image memories everyday. Having troubles on where to hang your images? Below are some useful tips.

Frame level

In setting up an art gallery, there is a standard rule in hanging an image. There should be 60 inches or 1520 mm distance between the floor and the center of the image. It will make the image positioned to an average eye level so that the center point of an image is just right for the eye line of every person. It is easy to do this if you have bare walls but if there are objects or furniture obstructing the wall, nothing to worry if it is not possible.

Image size

Consider the size of every image to be hanged on a wall. Avoid hanging small images if you have a huge open wall to fill in. Try to find custom framing online in medium or large sizes to give life to an open wall space. Just make sure to use the right frame for every image.

Image Position

Most people would simply place those bordered images in the center of a room. You can also try placing it on the sides or even in the walls against the staircases for a more stylish home.Layout plan Before drilling holes and hanging everything in the wall, make a layout plan on how you will put every piece. Picture framing is best done with the entire family members, so everyone got the chance to choose what image to put and which frame to use. Your family’s image display should have proper spacing positioned horizontally or vertically depending on your wall or your layout plan. You can use paper to represent every image, stick into the wall. Do the measurement for exact distance. Put marks on the wall and take photos if needed so that you can figure it out if everything will looks good on the wall. Visit https://www.justpictureframingonline.com.au/sydney/ for picture framing sydney


Ensure that your planned layout is well-balanced. You can use only one type or just one color frame for every image to create a uniform look. You can also choose matching different size and shape of frames that are proportionate to each other and can still give you a symmetrical balance. If you want to use completely different frames, get at least a pair for every style and position it close or opposite to each other when hung on the wall.